Showers Plumbing Sewer Drain Cleaning Septic and Jiffy Jet Service

Three Generations of Experience!

Dennis Showers and son Ronald are the experienced owners of Showers Plumbing Inc, and our team is operated by Master Licensed Plumbers. We are Skilled in planning, superintending and installation of all aspects of plumbing.

We are educated on the laws and codes pertaining to plumbing installation and repairs. We are experienced and well educated on both indoor and outdoor water service, sanitary sewer system, and storm sewer systems. We take pride in making sure our team is educated and experience all aspects of plumbing.

Dennis Showers began working on and off helping with plumbing jobs when he was twelve years old, working on the old windmill piston types pumps, jet pumps, laying new water lines to get pressure water into the farm homes, installing septic systems and digging the drain lines in by hand.

After graduating from high school Dennis continued his education in New York City and upon completing his education, he moved back to the Midwest and joined the military.

When he was discharged from the service Dennis worked with his father for several years. He then started up on his own; doing plumbing, drain cleaning and septic service.

Dennis brought his values and work ethic into the company and even after 50 years, his work ethic is as strong as day one.

Ronald Showers started helping his dad as a young teenager and now has over 18 years of experience In the plumbing, sewer & drain, septic installation.

Both Dennis Showers and Ronald Showers are master plumbers who do plumbing & repairs, plus full service cleaning for commercial and residential.

Let’s put it this way: …with our experienced and honest team approach, there is not a plumbing project we can’t complete… and better yet we stand behind our services!

  • We won’t give you over inflated prices (like plumbing some companies these days
  • We will offer you a fair price on just what we have to have to do; our service jobs.
  • We are home owned and operated so you don’t get hassled like happens with some of the big plumbing corporations
  •  We are your family oriented company
  • We care about your family just like we care about our own. 

Give us a call today to see how we can meet your needs.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     .
Dennis Showers cell 1-402-290-1692

Office & Ronald Showers  CB # 1-712-328-1742

Call day or night. If we are tied up and don’t hear the phone please leave a message.

We do our best to get right back to you! ​