Showers Plumbing now offers the water jet system to clean almost all sizes of pipes. The system uses a combination of pulsating blades of water and multiple power heads; to pulverize sludge and remove clogs. A trained technician can maneuver the flexible jetter head nozzle through your pipes to blast out obstructions quickly and safely. your plumbing system is at no time pressurized.

Hydro Jetter ImageFor many years, the industry standard for cleaning sewer and drain lines was the rotor cable system, this is the process most familiar to the public; Using a rotating cable lines that are rooted out mechanically. Besides being slow and messy, the heads can become lodged in the plumbing causing it to lose pieces or even the entire head within the pipe. the water jet system has come in behind these operations after they have failed in their attempts; to remove an obstruction ,discovered the broken off head, and removed them: Another area in which the water jet system displays its superior technology is in the results of the finished cleaning. the roto cable operation tends to only put a hole on the clog, leaving a donut of sludge. The drain appears to be running but actually has a diminished capacity and a good start on the nest blockage! The water jet process washes the pipe to the walls, leaving them mirror clean. There is no residue left to attract debris and grease-letting lines stay clean longer . . .up to five times longer! The greater flexibility of the water really pays off in dealing with difficult plumbing; situations such as the “T” connections; so often encountered in apartment work situations. The water jet excels at jobs that would be troublesome for the more rigid roto cable.

Roto cables can go through the walls of pipes that are old and week or made of very thin plastic while the water jets pulsating “blades” are tough on clogs-&-gentle to plumbing. The water jet power head attacks the porous consistency of the sludge and not your expensive plumbing!

Our courteous and dependable trained technicians will handle your situation with the care our customers have come to expect. trust Showers Plumbing inc. to deliver the best value for all of your sewer and drain needs Residential Commercial, Industrial.

Water Jeting for All Sewer lines: 1 1/2″ to 14″.

Tubs, Stools, Vanities, laundry lines, Kitchen sinks.

Floor drains, Main lines.

Root Cutting services available.

Drain line and Pressure Pipe Thawing Farm Lagoons & Confinement lines.